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    These Couples Have A Sexy Successful Marriage

    Alisa V

    I can’t begin to say enough about Secret Intimacy and Malorie Cook. My husband and I have become empty nesters and been married for 32 years, we have gone from raising kids, sports, running businesses to an empty nest. We reached out for a new way of connecting and found “Secret Intimacy.“ Malorie has not only helped coach us individually on who we are and where we want to be as an individual, but also to reconnect as a married couple to bring back our intimacy as we now navigate life as empty nesters!

    Alisa V
    Jenny F

    Thank you for inspiring us to find the 'MORE' in our marriage. Although we had a good marriage before, I can honestly say it's even better now. You've taught us the foundations and given us the tools we need to continue taking it further and making it better every day. We thought we knew how to communicate before, but now we REALLY communicate. It's absolutely amazing. Thank you again!!

    Jenny F
    Laurie K

    With the love, support and safe environment that Malorie has created for us, Secret Intimacy has taken a good marriage and made it great. We would not be where we are today without her. Thank you for everything you do for us.

    Laurie K
    Kelly K

    I am writing this in regard to coaching received over the past few years from Malorie. Even at my age, I need just a little help for me personally and apply to my marriage. I have learned to take care of myself and have learned to communicate effectively. Secret Intimacy has really pushed our marriage to be the best ever. My husband and I continue to learn about each other and grow in our marriage. It gets stronger everyday. Thanks again Malorie for all that you have done for me and our marriage.

    Kelly K

    Five Steps to Happiness

    Be Optimistic

    Optimism is a hopeful, positive outlook on the future, yourself, and the world around you. Become optimistic about your marriage and the progress you can make in a very short time. Know that it is achievable to improve and make your marriage into some “MORE”.

    Dont Seek Happiness Just Through Others

    Intimacy coaching is an individual journey as well as a marital one. We will explore what makes you happy and fulfilled. We can help you find individual passions and potentials. Starting a new activity such as intimacy coaching helps you become a better version of yourself, hence making you a better partner in your marriage.

    Clear Clutter

    The Clearing of clutter whether it’s personal clutter, marital clutter, or physical clutter is very much the same. In coaching I can help you personally or maritally clarify goals, find source of overwhelm, create an action plan, stop bad habits, find time for marital priority, stop holding grudges.

    Have Experiences

    Experiential Intimacy: When people bond during leisure activities. Couples may “sync-up” their actions in teamwork or find themselves acting in unison. Working together on their “secret intimacy” is the perfect way to have new experiences together. You and your partner will find purpose and passion in these experiences. Also, the secret can contribute to social relationships and introduce you to new worlds.

    Keep Improving / Learning

    This is what coaching and mentoring is all about, improving yourself or your relationship by learning more about what you want & what your partner desires. Your happiness is about renewal, not letting things get stagnate in your life. How else better to become better or find the “MORE” in yourself and in your marriage?

    What often feels broken, is not.
    And what isn't, actually is.
    Work on you to achieve the level of silent influence you need to turn your marriage life around.
    This is the space where great sexual connection lives.

    Billy Kutnan